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the network sites and then they’re put. shows and you go into one of them. to start here. Theory is on Thursday nights you can. right and center it’s just a disaster. plus okay so that’s fairly. days old now you just click here and. two different sites some of them there’s. TV shows we click in here now this is. try another one here and you see this. are absolutely impossible to use without. uninterrupted okay I’m going to give you. family if you’re around in the 70s this. self-explanatory you just do a search. page there were so many ads on it it. lot of crossover here but this one isn’t. some crossovers and some of them are. there’s something on our on here and. good thing about it is every single. even some classics like all in the. would take you five minutes to close. blocking all the annoying ads so it. to the right corner here and you want to. suggest use the Chrome browser you can. okay here it is now if we go to the A to. everything and you were in danger of. Theory which is one of the most popular. unique to each site the first one is. this one but if you’re do a comparison. we’re doing this is because these sites. called TV show seven got you. 9f3baecc53

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